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Getting Started with LibGuides: Link to a Website

Example Links and Lists

Example Simple Web Links

Example Rich Text

Here is a link to the Library of Congress website.

Creating Structured Lists of Links

There are two methods for forming structured links to websites.

1.) Use "Links & Lists" Box Type - for a list with descriptions displayed below

2.) Use "Simple Web Links Box Type - for a list in which the description pops up when you "roll over" the link 

Create Links within Rich Text (for those comfortable with a little HTML)

You can always use the "Rich Text/Dynamic Content/Scripts" Box Type to create a combination of links and text. This method gives you more design control, but you will not be able to track the traffic to your links and there is more room for error.

Use HTML or the linker button (with caution) to form the link. Note that frequent edits to the page, copy and pasting, can disturb the links.

If you run into trouble, please see Jessica for further instruction.

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