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Getting Started with LibGuides: Link to a Book

Link to a Book in the Catalog

Follow these steps:

1.) Add a new box

2.) Select the "Books from the Catalog" content type

3.) Name and save the box

4.) Click "Add a new book"

5.) A form will pop up. Complete the form with available information about this book. 

5a.) If you would like to create a hyperlink on the title to the catalog record, follow this convention to form the URL and enter it into the URL field:

5b.) To include an image of the book's cover, "right click" on the image of the book cover and copy the URL to the image in the Properties Box. This URL gets pasted into the "Cover Image" field. You can also automatically add an image from the Syndetics database if it is available. See "Adding a Book Cover Image (Syndetics)" below for instructions

6.) Click "Save Changes"

7.) Repeat the process to continue to list as many books as desired

Adding a Book Cover Image

These steps allow you to upload the book's cover image from Google Books.


1.) On the right-hand side select "Amazon" or "Syndetics" to attach picture. The cover artwork will auto-populate if a 10-digit ISBN is included in the form data and it is available in these company's databases. If cover art is not available, you can also select a color placeholder or no cover art at all.

2.) You have a choice of Small, Medium, and Large sized images. You can experiment with these, as they may affect quality. The Small size yields the images you see in the examples on this page.  

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