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HIS 112 - 20th Century U.S. History Prof. DuBose: Fall 2022 Project

Sample Topics

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

The Space Race

Poor People’s Campaign

Black Panther Party

Students for a Democratic Society

Weathermen Underground

Sharon Statement

Young Americans for Freedom

The Beatles

Hippie Counter-Culture Movement

Gay Liberation Movement

Women’s Liberation Movement

National Organization for Women

Northern School Desegregation / busing

Affirmative Action

La Raza Unida

United Federation of Teachers

Bayard Rustin

Cesar Chavez / United Farm Workers of America

1968 Mexico City Olympics Black Power Salute

Bernard Goetz the “Subway Vigilante”

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

The Young Lords

Hip Hop Culture

Public Enemy

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Your Librarian

Prof. DuBose's Assignment

Two Students for a Democratic Society marches: 1.) New York, 2011; 2.) Iowa Capitol, 1968. Can you guess what these marches were about?

Students at Iowa Capitol in a post-election rally

Hi! I'm your Librarian. How can I help?:


Individual Research Work 


Use Library & Web Sources

Scholarly Article Summary

Find a scholarly research article and review how to use one for your project. 

Primary Source Analysis

Find primary sources in the Library collections and on archival, museum, and cultural websites. 

Individual Thesis

Form a debatable research question or statement based on what you have learned.


Create a bibliography of works cited and consulted using Noodle Tools.

Group Presentation

Connect the Topic to Present Day Conditions

You do the connecting! However there are sources, such as The Conversation that gives very contemporary perspectives. 

Include Primary & Secondary Sources

Use the Resources here to identify further artifacts, writings, images, artwork, news clippings, etc.

You can also share your NoodleTools Bibliographies with members of your group. 

Answer /Conclusion to your Research Questions

With your combined research, you should have some ideas. 

Be creative! 

The Library and computer labs have software to help you create slides, podcasts, and we can offer examples. We have study rooms where you can produce the sound, etc. 

Welcome Students!

Greetings Students!

This guide was created to help orient you to the library and its resources, as well as to rules for citing sources for your History 112 Research Paper assignment. 

You have selected a topic around the idea of a text assigned by your professor. In the library session, we will discuss: 

  1. Where to look for information on this topic and your particular RESEARCH QUESTION;
  2. What research databases are appropriate for research in history.
  3. How to decide what key words or terms to use in search engines on the web or in library databases; 
  4. How to determine whether information is from a reliable, professional source; 
  5. How to properly use sources in your annotations and essays so as not to risk plagiarizing; and 
  6. How to use Noodle Tools to set up your WORKS CITED pages. 

You are welcome to contact me for further help at any time for this or other course assignments. 

Good Luck! 

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