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HIS 119 - Modern Latin America: Citation

Use this guide for suggested resources for the Modern Latin America Thesis and Bibliography assignment.

Avoid Plagiarism!

Plagiarism is using another person's words or ideas without giving them credit. No matter where the text comes from, and even if you paraphrase (put the other writer's idea into your own words), you must give always give credit to the original source. 

A student must give credit to the originality of others and acknowledge an indebtedness whenever:

1. Directly quoting

2. Using another person's ideas, opinions, or theories;

3. Paraphrasing the words, ideas, opinions, or theories of others, whether oral or written;

4. Borrowing facts, statistics, or illustrative material; or

5. Offering materials assembled or collected by others without acknowledgment.

(Indiana University)

Plagiarism is easily avoided by correct citation. To review the proper way to quote, paraphrase and cite research sources, try the library's Plagiarism Tutorial.

Using MLA Format to Cite Your Sources

When you are ready to cite the sources you have used for your research, visit the library's homepage and find the Citations heading in the lower part of thepage.  Next click on the link for the MLA guide prepared by the library. It will show you examples of citations for the most common source types.

Other helpful citation guides are listed in the "More Citation Help" box to the right.

View an MLA Sample Paper

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More Citation Help

For more citation information, you can use these online resources.

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