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HIS 119 - Modern Latin America: Home

Use this guide for suggested resources for the Modern Latin America Thesis and Bibliography assignment.

Assignment Details

Welcome Students! 

Assignment details: This guide was designed to demonstrate the varied types of sources you might access for your Thesis and Bibliography assignment for Professor Williams's Modern Latin America course. 

Bibliography Assignment: 


Select a topic from your course textbook. Write a summary on the topic from your textbook. From Jules Benjamin's or other work, write a description of how students and research scholars conduct research.  Be sure to identify the steps to conducting research.  

MLA 8th Ed. Citations for your works: 

Teresa A. Meade. A History of Modern Latin America 1800 to the Present. 2010.

Benjamin, Jules. A Student's Guide to History, 12th Edition. 2013.

II. Use the Library's catalog and database to find 4 sources relevant to your topic. Cite them as above in MLA 8th ed. format. 

III. Expand your research to the Internet.

  • Use some of the recommendations in this guide to find reputable web sources useful to your research. 
  • Write a summary from your sources of the instructions for how to effectively search and evaluate internet sources. (Recommend CRAAP test; 5 Ws). 
  • Provide 5 Internet Sources in MLA 8th ed. format.

IV. Key to Research and Citing MLA Format.  

  • Come up with a research question related to your topic.  First stage of research, is coming up with a research question.  Based on your  subject (subject your provided in homework 1).
  • Provide your research question
  • Write a thesis.  This is your statement/response to your research question.  Remember, the Thesis is the main points you want to make on the subject. 
  •  Provide a MLA Bibliography of no less than 10 Sources.


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