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LibGuides For Faculty: LibGuides & Students

What students say...

" …gives you a place to start.  For me that’s most difficult, and this is very helpful."

"The subject LibGuides are a great help! I have now used them in 2 different classes and I feel it has helped me find things easier and I know that the information is reliable."

"I like the ease of use.  It also makes the process less stressful."

"Helpful for finding specific sources for topics especially reference books.  Leads me to many different online sources and many relevant articles.  Thanks!"

 "Love it!  Very helpful and makes searching less confusing."

 "The main home page often gives too many choices whereas the subject guides will narrow it down better.  I found that I have not been searching for things the most productive way. Thanks!"

 "I think the library guides are great.  I wish I knew about them sooner in my college career!  My past papers would have benefitted."

 "Makes everything available without having to spend hours searching for material.  Thank you for all of the effort you have put into this resource!"

 "Very helpful-it laid everything out so that it was easy to find and use." 


Benefits To Students

  ·     Teaches at the point-of-need.

·     Information is grouped and resources presented in a linear, intuitive fashion.

·     Meets the needs of students with diverse learning styles.

·     LibGuides are convenient for students who can’t (or won’t) come to the library.

·     Students can access from home and from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

·     LibGuides are clearly beneficial for distance learners who don't need to learn the whole library.

·     LibGuides allow students to focus on the relevant and sift out the less relevant. 

·     LibGuides visually demonstrate that there are great resources, in multiple formats, on even the most difficult topic.  That reassurance builds the confidence students need to get started on their research.

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