APA 7th Edition: Reference List: Citing Books

Books in Print

Book with One Author and Note for Multiple Authors (Print)

Basic Format:

Last name, First and Middle Initials (Year of Publication). Title of book. Publisher. 


Hurston, Z. N. (2006). Their eyes were watching God. Modern Classics.

Parenthetical (In-text) citation: (Hurston, 2006) or Narrative citation: Hurston (2006)

Note: For books with more than one author, provide surnames and initials for up to and including 20 authors (see page 1 for more information).


Chapter in a Book with Unique Authors for Each Chapter (print)                        

Basic Format:

Last name, First and Middle Initials (Year of Publication). Title of article in book. In First and Middle

     Initials of Editors (Eds.), Title of book (edition., page(s)). Publisher. 


McGuigan, F. J., & Lehrer, P. M. (2007). Progressive relaxation: origins, principles, and clinical applications. In

     P. M. Lehrer, R. L. Woolfolk, & W. E. Sime (Eds.), Principles and practice of stress management (3rd ed.,

     pp. 57–87). Guilford Press.

Parenthetical (In-text) citation: (McGuigan & Lehrer, 2007) or Narrative citation: McGuigan & Lehrer (2017)


Use the template below to construct references for books and reference works.

Author or Editor




Author, A.A., & Author, B.B.


Title of book

Publisher Name.

Name of Group


Title of book (2nd ed., Vol. 4).

Editor, E.E. (Ed.).


Title of book [Audiobook]. *only note audiobook if you are referencing audio that is unique from the text such as narration or interview from the audiobook.

Editor, E.E., & Editor, F.F. (Eds.)

Title of book (J.M. Jones, Ed.).

Title of book (R. Translator, Trans.; F. Narrator, Narr.).






Basic Format:

Last name, First initial (Year of Publication). In First initial and Last name of Editor (Ed.), Title of

     book (edition.,page(s)). Publisher. 


Boersen, T. (2014). Work. In D. Rowe (Ed.), Achieving sustainability: visions, principles, and practices (Vol. 2,

     pp. 791-798). Macmillan Reference USA.

Parenthetical citation: (Boersen, 2014) or Narrative citation: Boersen (2014)

Note: If the book edition is available, include it before the volume: 3 rd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 212-225. If the DOI (digital object identifier) is available, include it at the end of the publisher information: https://doi.org/

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