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FILM 113- Film Study: World Cinema - Professor Costanzo: Google/Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar

 Google Scholar is a search engine that allows users to search for scholarly materials on a topic.  Instead of searching the entire web (like Google), Google Scholar searchs the SCHOLARLY LITERATURE provided by numerous academic publishers, professional societies, universities and scholarly organizations.

Search results include citations from peer-reviewed journals, theses, papers, books and technical reports.

For the most part, Google Scholar provides citation-only results.  The full-text of an article or book CAN BE ACCESSED BY USING THE FIND IT@ WESTCHESTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE LINK.

If you are using Google Scholar off campus, you will need to set your "Scholar Preferences" to Westchester Community College.

Using Google Scholar

Can I Use Google Scholar

"You can't use Google or Wikipedia".

We've all heard this from professors before, but so has Google. In an effort to become more relevant in academia, Google has created a search engine that limits itself to academically credible sources.

This means that if you are having trouble finding information through the academic databases your library provides or if you are having trouble narrowing down search term, Google Scholar might be a useful tool.

Also, if information on an intended subject is not availible through your College Library (you should always check first) and you receive instructor permission, you may be able to use Google Scholar for your academic papers.

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