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HIS 129 - Caribbean History - Dr. Christolyn Williams: Books

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Finding Books on History

Go to the Library Home Page and use the "Everything" Search Box to find Books, EBooks, Journal Titles or DVDs in the library.

Conduct a Keyword search. Enter a keyword from your subject or research question. Some example searches:

I am writing about...  Keywords
Period in history

Spanish, Dutch, French, British, American + [Name of the country or region in time]

An historical figure

Toussaint Louverture
Oliver Cromwell

A place or event

Sugar revolutions
Banana wars
Moncada Barracks

A pairing of ideas

religion New World
Carribean imperialism
Labor movement Antigua
Anti-slavery movements



Library of Congress Call Numbers for  HISTORY  (All of these sections are located on the 3rd  floor of the library)


Class F


United States local history


British America (including Canada)

Dutch America

Dutch America

Colony in Brazil, 1625-1661, see F2532

Dutch Guinea, see F2401+

Dutch West Indies, see F2141

New Netherlands to 1664, see F122.1

New Sweden (Dutch possession, 1655-1664), see F167


French America


Latin America. Spanish America

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Selected Titles

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