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Prof. Maroney - English 101 Fall 2023: II: View your Results

View your Results

Scroll through your list of results and read the article titles (in blue) to see which look useful. The titles may not contain your search words so don't pass over results you think are irrelevant. Remember you are only looking for research articles, do not use anything that is labeled as editorial, commentary, book review, erratum, etc.

Click on the magnifying glass to the right of an article title to read the abstract (summary) of the article. This will give you a better idea of what the article is about.

If you are not getting many results, look at the subject terms and abstract and see if there are alternate spellings or other terms that mean the same as what you are searching for. You can re-try your search using these terms.

If you find an article you wish to use, click on the title to open the full record.

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