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Prof. Maroney - English 101 Fall 2023: How do Call Numbers work?

Following Library of Congress Call Numbers

Books in the WCC Library are shelved according to Library of Congress Call Numbers. LC Call Numbers are alpha-numberic and consist in a series of letters and numbers. To find a book on the shelf follow the letters and numbers keeping the following points in mind:

The first series of letters are in alphabetical order. There may be one, but usually two letters. Look for the first, then the second letter:

H     HN     HV     P      PA      PB      PN       PR      PS      R     RA      RC     T     TK 


These letters are followed by a set of WHOLE NUMBERS, sometimes including a DECIMAL

830 2807 2807.3 2807.5 2807.55 2807.6 6068


This is followed by another letter, in alphabetical order plus a DECIMAL NUMBER.

55 55 55 55 55
N42 N435 N436 N44 N5


There may be another set of letters and numbers, again read alphabetically and as DECIMALS.

3515 3515 3515 3515 3515
E37 E37 E37 E37 E37
F3 F3533 F3535 F354 F366


The call number may finally end with the year of publication:

PS 3515 .E37 O5295 2002

Understanding The old man and the sea : a student casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents by Patricia Dunlavy Valenti.


If you have looked and cannot locate a book on the shelf, ask a Librarian to help you.

Be sure to check the LOCATION to find out where the book is in the library.


Remember you don't need to read the entire book!

Look at the Table of Contents (at the front) or browse through the Index (at the back) to find the section that has the information you need. It could just be a chapter or a few pages that will answer your question.

Some books are collections of essays and aren't meant to be read cover to cover.

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