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Prof. Joseph - COMM109 - Spring 2024

building blocks in increasing heightsThe Task > Informative Speech - An informative speech explains or describes a person, object, event, or situation.  The objective is to teach the audience about something using clear, accurate, vivid, and memorable ideas.  (1 possible topic)

Informative Speeches

The purpose of an informative speech is to impart or share information about your chosen topic to an audience. Is that audience familiar with the topic? Hmm. As the speaker, you want to engage your audience. Remember that your audience will want to learn something new so consider what they may or may not already know about the topic when organizing your points and ideas.

Informative speeches will be organized in a logical, coherent way that suits the topic.

You may know information about your chosen topic and that's a great starting point. Additional information will help round out and enhance your speech. Alternatively, you may direct your efforts towards a topic on which you know little. That is also a good plan. It allows you to relate to your audience as a learner yourself. In both cases, your research will include

  • building a foundation of facts. What is commonly known and/or understood about the topic? History? Origins or causes? Statistics? Examples or illustrations? Who are the experts? Is there controversy around the topic? What's new and/or innovative?
  • thoughts, commentary and other voices
  • significance. Why is this worth knowing?

Get Grounded! Find the Facts!

Locating background information on your chosen topic is a solid way to prepare for an informative speech. Reference sources such as books and reference titles are a great place to start. Books, encyclopedias, subject dictionaries (a dictionary of a time period, a place, a group of people, etc.) builds a good foundation for discussing your topic in a meaningful way. Find the facts and figures in reference sources.

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