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Prof. Joseph - COMM109 - Spring 2024

The Task > Demonstrative Speech - The purpose of this speech is to be the teacher/trainer, the authority on a topic.  Select a topic of interest and intellectual value.  Give the audience full benefit of your credibility, enthusiasm for the topic and expertise.  Select a topic from your hobbies, interests, awards, past/present jobs, ethnic/tradition, or experiences. (1 possible topic)

Demonstration Speeches

The purpose of a demonstration speech is to show by doing how to accomplish something. This is based on a common belief that learning by doing - or at least seeing something done - is an effective method. The proliferation of videos and reels on social media would seem to support this assertion. Often the speaker is showing how to create, modify, build, change, cook, arrange, organize, or fix something.
Choosing a topic for a demonstration speech means finding a skill, ability, or knowledge that you possess and would like to share with an audience.
The speech will likely be structured to show step-by-step instructions. In addition, it helps to give some context or framework for the demonstration. What's the history of the craft or recipe, etc.? What significance does it have for you and for others? Where is it practiced? Under what circumstances or conditions is it practiced? Are there alternative methods for the task you are demonstrating and in what context would those alternatives be relevant? These details offer opportunities for research.

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