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Prof. Joseph - COMM109 - Spring 2024


How do you make a start? Where do you find "stuff?"

This research guide can lead you through the process of finding film criticism sources.
Use the tabs on this page to find information to help you:

Choosing Topics
Demonstration Speeches
Informative Speeches
Persuasive Speeches
Evaluating Sources
Citation & Plagiarism:  Plagiarism, Citation Tools in Databases, NoodleTools
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Speech Topic Assignment

Choosing the topics for your speeches can prove to be one of the more difficult aspects of speechmaking.  This assignment is designed to assist you in choosing speech topics that you like, have some knowledge about and are interesting to your audience (your classmates).

Below are the 3 speeches you will be responsible for presenting: You must submit at least 1 viable topic for each speech.

The 3 speeches you will be presenting this semester are:

  1. Demonstrative Speech - The purpose of this speech is to be the teacher/trainer, the authority on a topic.  Select a topic of interest and intellectual value.  Give the audience full benefit of your credibility, enthusiasm for the topic and expertise.  Select a topic from your hobbies, interests, awards, past/present jobs, ethnic/tradition, or experiences. (1 possible topic)

  1. Informative Speech - An informative speech explains or describes a person, object, event, or situation.  The objective is to teach the audience about something using clear, accurate, vivid, and memorable ideas.  (1 possible topic)

  1. Persuasive Speech - A persuasive speech is one in which the speaker tries to change, reinforce, or establish the audience’s attitudes, beliefs, values, or behavior.  Supporting material is used to substantiate the speaker’s claim.  The topic you choose should be one about which you feel strongly.  If you sound uninterested or uncommitted to your topic, then you are less likely to change someone’s opinion. (1 possible topic)

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