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Prof. Baez - SOC102 Marriage and Family: Journal Article Reports

Journal Article Reports

The Journal Article Reports you will be writing are similar to Annotated Bibliographies. Your instructions will differ slightly, but this page contains information about writing Annotated Bibliographies, which will help get you started on your Journal Article Reports, which will contain additional information and answer specific questions proposed by Prof. Baez. 

Journal Article Reports

Journal Article Reports: Collect and analyze scholarship already written about your topic. Summarize and evaluate each of your sources individually.

Journal Article Reports (This is NOT the complete assignment):

As preparation for the Final Assignment, you are tasked with locating two (2) peer-reviewed academic journal articles to integrate into your Research Proposal Presentation (Final). Wait for approval of your articles before writing your article reports.


Read your final assignment guidelines in full before proceeding, so that you know what to research.

a) For this assignment submit an APA Style journal article report

b) Follow the Journal Article Report Guidelines to answer all of the questions

c)  Include a quote that best helped you understand the study (with APA citation)

d) Make connections to at least two (2) concepts/themes/key terminology from the course readings.

Complete directions can be found in your BlackBoard shell.

Annotated Bibliography Help

Journal Article Reports - Citation for Quote

Standard APA format for DIRECT (word-for-word) QUOTE in APA format:


One Author: (Lastname, Year, p. page#) 

(Baez, 2019, p.17)

Two Authors: (Lastname & Lastname, Year, p. page#)

(Rosenfeld & Roesler, 2019, p. 54)

*Three or more Authors: (FirstAuthorLastName, et al., Year, p. page#).

(Martin et al., 2020, p. 245)


If the quote runs for more than 1 page use pp. page#s  e.g. (Rosenfeld & Roesler, 2019, pp. 54-5)

*7th ed. update. If you read articles 2019 and earlier, you will see more authors listed.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

How to Read a Scholarly Article


1. ABSTRACT (Why? How? What?)

2. INTRODUCTION (Hypothesis, Survey of the Literature - Broad to specific

3. METHODS (How to replicate the study. Detailed explanation of data sources or original collection (primary/secondary), as well as methodolog/ies applied.)

4. RESULTS (Tables and Figures. May include discussion of validation instrument and whether the findings were significant.) ‚Äč

5. DISCUSSION (Including questions for further research.)


A- D- I- R- M ORDER 

1. Abstract (Why? How? What?)

2. Discussion (Answers the hypothesis or research question and explains how results support the conclusion.)

3. Introduction

4. Results 

5. Methods 




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