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Prof. Baez - SOC102 Marriage and Family: Research Proposal and Additional Data

The Research Proposal

Research Proposal Guidelines

For this project students will present on forms of intimate relationships from another culture/country and make comparisons to the US concepts learned throughout the course.

The first step for this project is the proposal, in which students identify with culture/country they will study for the project. Students will receive feedback on their proposal, which will inform the second step of the project, the annotated bibliography. In locating academic articles about the culture/country, students will gain information about the other society that will generate facts for the presentation.

The final project will be a presentation, similar to the chapters in Love and Marriage, by Nanda (2019), that reports on the patterns of marriage, family or intimate relationships/partnerships in another country/culture. Students will rely on academic research to learn about the other culture/country and make comparisons to American structures and trends.

Demographic information

The sites below are reliable sources for up to date demographic information for countries.

Citation for statistical information for your presentation - information that is not updated regularly does not require the Retrieval Date. You also do not need to repeat the website name if it is the same as the creator (e.g. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Author/Creator Name. (Year, Month Day). Name of webpage. Website name. URL

Central Intelligence Agency. (2021, February 25). South Korea. The World Factbook.


Citation for Statistical Tables (for your presentation):

Author/Creator Name. (Year). Name of table, chart or graph. Website name. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from URL

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. (2020). Household Size & Composition, 2019. Retrieved 2021, Feb. 25, from

E-Books In our Collection

These sources do not provide scholarly articles but are useful for background information.

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