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Prof. Baez - SOC102 Marriage and Family: The Research Project

Your Final Project

Complete project instructions are available in your course shell in Brightspace.

Final Project: Step 1: Proposal

Having read the full guidelines for the Final Course Project, Diversity in Intimacies, you will submit a proposal discussing the topic of intimacy diversity and the demographic population or group you will research for your report.

Final Project: Step 2: Journal Article Reports

As preparation for the Final Project, you are tasked with locating two (2) peer-reviewed academic journal articles to integrate into your presentation: Intimacy, Marriage and Family.

Step 1: Using the key/search terms and feedback from your proposal, use the library research databases to find 2 academic journal articles that fit your research project. Remember to follow the requirements for topic, type of article, date of publication, etc.

Step 2: Write an Journal Article Report (Summarize, Reflect and Assess) for EACH article and INCLUDE the article with your Bibliography. You will need to include a quote from the source AND connect it to key concepts/terminology from your readings.

Final Project: Diversity in Intimacies

For this project students will present on forms of intimate relationships for a specific population within the United States.  The project is scaffolded; preliminary steps build toward the final artifact.

         Step 1: Proposal

Students will submit a proposal explaining their population and intimacy subject.

         Step 2: Journal Article Reports

Students will complete Journal Article Reports for  two (2) academic research journal articles related to the phenomenon and population chosen in the proposal phase.

        Step 3: Presentation

The final course project will be submitted as an 8-10 minute presentation. Create a slideshow including visuals, captioned data charts, and key terminology. Complete instructions and a presentation guidelines are posted in Brightspace.

        Step 4: Peer Evaluation

Peer evaluation provided by comments and a peer evaluation form.

Use the library databases (see the Finding Articles tab) or one of the recommended online sources (see the Online Resources tab) to research your topic.

Directions on how to create an Annotated Bibliography and examples, can be found under the Annotated Bibliography tab.

You can find information about APA format under the Citing and Plagiarism tab on this guide.

To get help with research on your population from a librarian either in person, by phone, email, text, or chat. Look under the Get Help tab to see how to contact the librarian who taught your library session and get information on library hours.

If you need additional information on your assignment and specific due dates, check Brightspace first, THEN ask your professor.

Marriage and Family - Research Project Overview

Your Project: The Very, Very Short Version

This is a very abbreviated version of the project. You cannot complete the assignment using only the information below.

You have been assigned a multi-part project.  It will consist of:

1: A Research Proposal

Identify the population and the intimacy/marriage or family aspect you will investigate. Submit a list of keywords for conducting research on your topic.

2: Journal Article Reports

Locate and prepare Journal Article Reports - answering specific questions - for two scholarly research articles related to your topic.

3: Presentation

Present your findings to the class in an 8-10 narrated presentation and compare your chosen population to the larger, contemporary American society.

4: Peer Evaluation

Provide feedback on your classmates' presentations and receive feedback in return.

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