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Prof. Zwick - Film & Book Resources for the Aspiring Criminologist: Films: Make Some Popcorn and Relax!

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Films Available through Westchester Public Libraries (Westchester Library System)

The Day of the Jackal - Story of a cold, suave British assassin hired by the French OAS to kill General Charles de Gaulle. Nameless and faceless, the killer, known by the code name of Jackal, relentlessly moves toward the date with death that would rock the world. The tension mounts as the methodical preparations of the Jackal are paralleled with the efforts of the police to uncover the plot. Originally released as a motion picture in 1973.

The French Connection - Two New York City narcotics detectives learn of a scheme to smuggle a large quantity of heroin inside an automobile being shipped from France. Based on the book by Robin Moore. Originally produced as a motion picture in 1971. Won Academy Awards in 1972 for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor (Gene Hackman).

American Psycho - A young, handsome man with a Harvard education and success on Wall Street has terrible urges that take him in pursuit of women, greed, and murder. (2000)

Cape Fear - An ex-con is determined to wreak bloody revenge on the small-town lawyer who helped send him to jail. Based on the novel "The Executioners" by John D. MacDonald. Originally released as a motion picture in 1961.

Monster - Based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who was executed in 2002 for the brutal murders of at least 6 men in Florida. Aileen's loathing for the men who pay her for sex becomes so extreme that she begins killing her customers regardless of their behavior. (2003)

Badlands - Set in South Dakota in 1959, this is the story of Kit and his girlfriend Holly, two people alienated from everyday life, who go on a killing spree. (1973)

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