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RAD207 Special Procedures - Professor Scalea: Your Assignment

Your Assignment


Select a topic for your research paper from the list. You may combine/modify any topic you feel will result in a creative paper. You are required to use APA format. The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, and a maximum of 12 pages. (NOT including bibliography)

You may use a variety of resources to complete this paper, but must use a minimum of four sources. These can including your text book, peer-reviewed journal articles, and RELIABLE online sources. Where appropriate, be certain to use correct citation format and include a bibliography.


You will do a presentation of approximately 10 minutes in class on the topic from your paper. Do NOT read your paper to the class. Feel free to use audiovisual assistance and handouts. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate mastery of a particular topic and to teach your classmates about the topic in a limited period of time. Be as creative as you can and engage the class.

For information on due dates check BlackBoard. If you cannot find the answer there, THEN ask your professor.

ASRT Radiologic Technology

To browse ASRT Radiologic Technology, choose CINHAL from the database drop down menu under Databases and Popular Resources on the library home page. Use your WCC credentials to log in.

Enter Radiologic Technology (not ASRT) in the top search box and select JN Publication in the dropdown.


Click Search to browse all available articles, or enter keywords in the other search boxes before running your search. Do not type whole sentences.

Topic Choices

Topic Choices:

1. Impact of COVID-19 on front-line workers. Has it changed your perspective on pursuing a career as a Rad. Tech?

2. Prospective student’s awareness (or lack thereof) of the requirements to complete a radiography program.

3. Radiologic technology as a career in today’s changing radiology department.

4. How does a medical error affect a radiology patient? (you may incorporate recorded case studies)

5. Digital mammography; its uses and effects on breast imaging.

6. Impact of information technology in a radiology department.

7. An effective way to prepare high school students for a career in the Health Sciences.

8. Continuing education is mandatory for all practicing radiologic science professionals. Will recertification improve the imaging specialists of tomorrow?

9. PET CT and Nuclear Medicine; its impact as a diagnostic imaging modality.

10. Requirements to obtain a leadership role in health care administration.

11. Job market prospects today: is Rad. Tech. a viable career path?

12. Effects HIPAA regulations have on radiology departments.

13. The effects of integrated electronic delivery of clinical images and data in radiology.

14. Impact of new technologies in radiology on patient care.

15. Requirements to become a radiologic science educator.

16. Low dose Computed tomography and its effects on advanced imaging practices.

17. Interventional radiology in the clinical setting: its impact on student radiographers.

18. What do you think the impact will be in ten years regarding the ARRT certification examination on a practicing imaging specialist regarding post primary certification areas?

19. Is working as a PACS administrator an alternative for new graduates unable to obtain work as a radiographer?

20. What impact has the Affordable Care Act legislation had on healthcare and radiology?


You may research ethical dilemmas pertaining to the following list:

21. Cloning

22. Denial of Care (based on social status, inability to pay, etc.)

23. Animal Research

24. Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

25. Reproductive Technology (ethics of in-vitro fertilization)

26. Genetic Testing

27. Surrogate Parenting

28. Advanced Directive/Terminal Care Issues 

29. Gender Discrimination & AIDS

30. Select one peer-reviewed article or directed reading article from the ASRT Radiologic Technology journal and give your impressions/additional information/current information regarding the subject matter (available via CINHAL)

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