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READ 105 - Analytical Reading Library Research Project: Step 2: Choosing a Topic and Keywords

A step-by-step guide to completing your Library Research Project for Analytical Reading.

Select a Research Question

Choose only one question and conduct the proper research to answer the question.


1. Should there be more government regulation of social media? (In answering this question, consider the role of social media in the events that took place in the nation’s capital in January.)

2. Is advertising on social media, such as Facebook and Tik-Tok, harmful to teenagers?

3. Should there be a federal law designating English as the “official language” of the United States? (In answering this question, consider the attitude of people you know toward new immigrants to the country who do not speak English fluently.)

4. Should the government regulate what we eat?

5. Can alternative medical strategies (such as vitamins, healers, therapies, and such) improve wellness and relieve stress or are they be dangerous to one’s health?

6. Should there be stricter policies for e-cigarette use (vaping) or should it be banned completely?

7. Should there be mandatory recycling laws for business/industries as well as individuals?

8. Should the concerns presented by the Black Lives Matter Movement be integrated into our institutions? (For example, police reform, local, state, and federal laws, mandatory diversity training, and such.)

9. Do you believe that there is greater gender equality in 2021 than in the past? (Consider the impact of gender equality in business, politics, and personal relationships.)

Deconstructing the Research Question

All of these questions ask you to take a stand on an issue. Any issue can be considered - and you can search for information about it - by using a model like this.

Choosing and Using Keywords

Here is a sample research question as an example. This is NOT one of your choices; do NOT use it as your topic!

We need to find keywords or phrases -- the words and/or phrases that capture the essence the idea(s) in a research question. Read the research question carefully. What clues can you find in the question - or topic - that will help you find MORE information about those ideas?  

Look at some of these examples. Remember: These are not the questions for your project.

Sample question: Why are books and movies about vampires so popular?     Keywords highlighted: Why are books and movies about vampires so popular?

Sample question: Should there be a minimum basic income in the United States?     Keywords highlighted: Should there be a minimum basic income in the United States?

Sample question: Should corporations have the same rights as individual citizens?     Keywords highlighted: Should corporations have the same rights as individual citizens?

In Step 3, you are going to use your keywords or phrases to search for magazine articles about your topic. Remember: Sometimes, you have to try a few different searches, using your keywords or phrases, to find the articles and information that you want.

Now that you've chosen your research question, find the keywords or phrases in your question. 

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