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HIST 134 African American History from 1865 - Prof Carr - Fall 2021: Paper 2

Young Lords Party

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Sun-Times Negative Collection. A March to the 18th District Police Station.
     1968. Reader, Chicago Reader. Accessed 1 Oct. 2021.

Surveillance of March from Selma

Federal Bureau of Investigation. "March from Selma to Montgomery Alabama, March 21-25, 1965." 24 Mar. 1965. Gale Blog, Gale, martin-luther-king-jr-declassified-9-primary-source-documents/. Accessed 1 Oct. 2021.

Paper #2 Prompt

The readings include chapters 63 - 114 & 121-123.* Paper # 2* due Week 11  Nov 12th  2021  before 1:30pm. 

Paper 2 asks that you explore the cause and effect of the FBI’s war on Civil Rights Leaders. To what effect has this had on organizations, such as the Young Lords Party today?

Young Lords Party. "13 Point Program and Platform," October 1969. Latino Education Network Service.

Again, this paper should be typed & double-spaced and you can use all the tools at your disposal (i.e., textbook, class discussions, documents, outside research and films).Please include in text citations and a Work Cite page. (MLA is preferred) Be clear, concise, and address the question in depth. Please note your Cause and Effect rubric included in this folder.

Suggested starting sources

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