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HIST 134 African American History from 1865 - Prof Carr - Fall 2021: Paper 1

Paper 1 Prompt - *Due Oct 1*

Paper 1:   

The readings include chapters 8-62 *Paper #1* is due Week 5  Oct 1st,  2021 before 1:30pm.

Paper 1 asks that you illustrate  and give specific evidence on how all (4 ) four statues of the 1865 Mississippi Black Codes (Penal Code, Civil Rights of Freedmen, Vagrancy Law & Apprentice Law) were illustrated within our textbook chapters.

From there go on to present a case, with other examples, on how the White South would continue to regulate Black freedoms and thus invalidate true “Reconstruction” efforts.

Feel free to use this website as a starting point:

This paper should be typed & double-spaced, and use examples from the text, discussions, films, and any documents that we may use. Please include in text citations and a Work Cite page. (MLA is preferred) Be clear, concise, and address the question in depth. Please note your Evidence based rubric.


Supporting Papers with Evidence

"The arm of the Federal government is long, but it is far too short to protect the rights of individuals in the interior of distant States" (Douglass).

Image: A photograph of Frederick Douglass from a series of "Carte de Visites" produced from his visit to Hillsdale College on January 21, 1863.

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