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Anti-Racism Resources

According to NYXT, a news cable channel in NYC, there are 5 ways to advocate and support social justice organizations in your local community. 

1. Consider your interests

There are numerous social justice organizations that are doing great work in the country – check out the following link and find an organization that best fits your interest. – Leading Organizations

2. Educate yourself

When you have found your interest group or organization, immerse yourself in its content and recommendations. The document below is intended to “serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work”, this includes:

  • Resources for white parents to raise anti-racist children
  • Educational Videos
  • Podcasts to subscribe to
  • Literature to read 
  • Films and TV series to watch
  • Organizations to follow on social media

Anti-Racism Work

3. Reach out to legislators

“One way that you can make your voice heard, without the need to organize a complete movement, is to reach out to your representatives and legislators. Elected officials can be reached by phone, letter or email, and informing them of your values and opinions is an important way to ensure that those opinions are represented where they can affect legislation and policy".


USAgov. posted on YouTube simple and easy steps to voting in your local area.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is the anchor of local and national change. Services like NYXT help people find opportunities to volunteer for social justice organizations in NYC. 

9 Social Justice Organizations to Know in NYC 


Patch, a local news organization, posted a similar article recognizing several Westchester County community groups and non-profits.

Nonprofits Form Social Justice Network in Westchester

5. Donate

A small donation can go a long way toward supporting a cause and making a difference.


Town & Country magazine published an article listing organizations that donate and support Black communities throughout the country.

22 Social Justice Organizations to Support Right Now


"5 Ways to Promote Social Justice in Your Community." NYXT, Manhattan
     Neighborhood Network, 27 Dec. 2018,

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