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Prof. Baez - SOC101 Introduction to Sociology: Find Additional Data

Find additional Data

In addition to the research articles you will be reading, you will also want to find some type of visual that will help to support the social inequality and issue you are researching. The data will help provide some background to the issue and ground the topic.

Journals may not be the best source for this type of information, although if you see some statistics or data cited in an article, you can track the original source down from the citation. 


Search for your general topic + stats, statistics, data, map, chartgraphics, rates, {year} etc. The most recent information may be a few years old.

Think about the inequality you are researching and the data that might serve as a baseline. What organization might collect this information?

E.g. If your topic is Educational Inequality, you might show the rising costs of textbooks over the past few decades. 


E.g. If your topic is Racial Inequality in Maternal Healthcare, you may look for statistics on infant mortality rates by race/ethnicity

  • Government (CDC)
  • Non-Profit (Every Mother Counts)
  • NGO (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020, Sept 10). Infant Mortality Rates by Race and Ethnicity, 2018.

APA format for graphics:

Author/Creator. (Year, Month Day). Title of graphic/image/chart. Website name. URL 

*If the creator is the same as the website name (e.g. CDC), you do not have to repeat it in the citation.

IF the information on the page is likely to change (not a static graphic), Include Retrieved Month Day, Year, from before the URL.


NY State Department of Health. (2021, Feb. 24). COVID-19 Vaccine Progress to Date. Retrieved Feb. 25, 2021, from

U.S. Government Statistics

Below are a selection of websites that may be of use when writing your paper. Most provide statistical information on various aspects of the U.S. Population (crime, health, education etc). There are usually tables subdividing each by race, for comparisions between difference population group.

When using online sources, but sure to apply recommended evaluation criteria before using any information in your research paper.

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