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Prof. Ostman - ENG 101 - Monsters Assignment: Home

Assistant Professor/Electronic Resources and Technical Services Librarian

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What's In This Guide?

This guide will help you find information for your assignments on monsters, including books, ebooks, articles from library databases, videos and websites. Use the Tabs above for the following: 

Side by side images of Pennywise from IT and Demogorgon from Stranger Things. 31 Aug. 2017. Screenrant, 17 Aug. 2017, Accessed 21 Sept. 2020.

Rap Battle: Pennywise or Demogorgon?
Pennywise. He gets into your mind!: 27 votes (75%)
Demogorgon. It's shallow but ruthless.: 9 votes (25%)
Total Votes: 36

Research Assignments

Research Assignment #1 Research Assignment #2 -  Literature Review  Research Assignment #3 - Annotated Bibliography and Persuasive Final Essay
  • Find stories, images, or other takes on the monster.
  • Examine people’s responses to those representations in newspaper reviews, journal articles, or blogs, student surveys or interviews. 
  • When you have finished gathering your data, analyze it and develop a thesis about the differences the media make. 

Find general background information on monsters, myths, and legends, children's stories, and more in the "Finding Stories Tab". 

  • "A critical re-cap." 
  • Try to become an expert on this topic by finding different voices and opinions. Summarize and cite this prior knowledge.
  • These sources may come from different disciplines of:
  • Literature / Cinema Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Or other scholarly field

Resources can include scholarly journals, books, substantive articles by cultural critics in newspapers. 

Find Deeper Sources for your Literature Review in the Resources Tabs above. 

  • Research and write about a fictional monster, exploring how the monster you have chosen demonstrates some human aspects and analyzing what those aspects mean.
  • Apply research techniques to learn about a topic of individual interest in greater depth.
  • Some sources for inspiration might come from: 
  • Literature / Cinema Studies 
  • Philosophy
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Or other scholarly field

Resources can include scholarly journals, books, substantive articles by cultural critics in newspapers. 

Use Noodle Tools to Organize your Annotated Bibliography and final Works Cited List. 



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