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Open Educational Resources (OER) at WCC: Adopt

Where do I start

Adopting OER  

Adopting OER is when you find open content and reuse it in a variety of ways, including downloading, copying and distributing it to your students either in print or digital format (Retain and Reuse).  It is essentially the first step in incorporating OER into your teaching. Faculty may choose to not go any further than adopting since it is often easier and less time consuming than adapting or creating new OER.

Where do I start?

If you are ready to adopt OER for your course, follow these initial steps:

Step 1.  Think about the learning objectives for your course. Instead of focusing on the textbook you want to replace, focus on what you would like students to learn.  

Step 2. Contact a WCC Librarian or the OER Coordinator.  Although this guide provides a lot of information and resources, it will help to have an initial consultation with a librarian so they can recommend specific OER repositories.   

Step 3. Set aside some time to search and review the OER material you find.  Adopting OER may not take up as much time as adapting or creating OER, but it will take some time to review the material and make sure it fits with your course learning objectives. 

Step 4. Contact Online Education to ask about stipends and grants if you intend to convert over 50% of your course material to OER!

Where do I find OER

Where do I find OER course material?

There are several OER repositories, however, we highly recommend that you begin your search with the SUNY OER Catalog

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