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Principles of Teaching Health Care - Prof. Seid Spring 2018: Finding a Topic

Finding a Topic

Deciding on your topic can often be a daunting task. You may be interested in a variety of things, but don't know how to decide on one. Conversely, you may not have any ideas at all.

You can begin by looking at the chapter headings in your textbook, or at the index or even at the glossary ot terms. Think about the areas of nutrition you find most interesting.

Still stumped?  Try one of the specialized encyclopedias using the Background Information box to the left.

Sample Research Questions - ASK a question so you can look for answers, instead of just information.  (Why are you interested? What do you hope to learn?)

  •  Nutrition and pregnancy             
    • What are the nutritional requirements during pregnancy?
    •  How does nutrition affect pregnancy outcome?
    •  ​​How can alcohol use affect the fetus?
  •  Eating disorders                              
    • ​What are the medical complications of  anorexia?
  •  Homeopathy                                    
    • What are the potential benefits of… garlic? echinecea? zinc? other herbal remedies?


Background Information

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