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PSCJ 111 - Introduction to Criminology - Professor Mitrione: Start here!

This guide is a companion to a course library literacy session. It is created to help students efficiently find, evaluate, select, and cite quality information resources such as books, journal articles, multimedia and web resources for term papers and oth

Criminology Research

Prof. Mitrione's Assignment

If you're working on your term paper for Professor Mitrione's PSCJ 111 class, you've come to the right place. This guide will help you with your research and citations.

First, carefully read and reread your assignment from Prof. Mitrione.

Next, follow the steps in this guide in order to 
create your thesis statement and  develop your search strategies.

Research Paper Instructions (25% of final grade) 

I. RESEARCH -- Your research must contain at least five APPROPRIATE sources of reference that are not introductory sources.  Educational and government websites are acceptable sources, but the focus of your research should be on scholarly journal articles which can be found through the library's research page.

Again, please consult with the instructor if in doubt about your sources.

II. CITATION -- You must cite all of the sources that you use when writing the paper.  Be sure to cite your sources in the body of the paper and list them in a bibliography.  Students may use either the APA, MLA formats for citations and bibliographies and Documentation Style; guidelines for both formats can be found on the WCC Library page.  If you are unsure or require assistance with source citation, please consult with the instructor or a librarian.

III. TOPICS -- The purpose of the research paper is to fully describe and analyze a particular topic, case study, or aspect of advanced deviant/criminal behavior within the field of Criminal Justice.

IV. THEORIES –     Fully describe how your theory works to explain crime.  Who are the

                                    major theorists involved?  How do their explanations of crime differ?

                                    What are the basic principles of your family of theory?  How are

                                    they different from other families of theory?  How long has your

                                    family of theory been around?  Do you think it works well to explain

                                    crime?  What are its weak and strong points? etc….. What are some

                                    examples of specific theories within your family of theory? etc….


Selected Theories applied in Criminal Justice Scholarship

Strain (Robert Merton)


Choice / '"Rational Choice"

Social Process

Social Structure




Types/Aspects of Crime

Crime Types: violent, property, enterprise, public-order

Case Studies

Deviant Behaviors

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