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Prof. Romanello - English 101 - Heroes: Topic Selection

Tips - Topic Selection

Some tips when choosing a topic:              

    1. INTEREST - Choose a topic of interest to you; a topic boring to you will result in a boring paper.   

    2. KNOWLEDGE - You don't need to know much about the subject as you begin your paper.  

        The research process mines new information.

    3. TOO BROAD OR TOO NARROW - Too broad a topic is unmanageable, e.g. "The History of Education" or "Computes
        in Schools."  On the other hand, too narrow and/or trivial a topic is extremely difficult to research.

    4. GUIDELINES  - Carefully, follow the instructor's guidelines: they should help prevent you selecting an

         inappropriate topic and/or research methodology.

You can get ideas for research topics from several WCC databases and from the Web

Suggested Topics

Heroes, born or made?
Are heroes discovered or developed?

The media and heroes
How does the media portray heroes?
Do the media confuse heroes with celebrities?

Male and Female Heroes
Do you define male and female heroes in the same way?
Does our society have more male heroes than female heroes?
How does the above situation reflect the beliefs and traditions of our society?

The Number of Heroes Today
Does our society have more or fewer heroes today than in the past?

Heroes: perfect or imperfect
Has society ever been disappointed with or disillusioned by someone they considered a hero?

Heroes and Our Beliefs
Heroes have influence our beliefs and goals and even shaped the people we become

Sports Heroes
How does society look sports figures?
Are sports figures heroes or role models?



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