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Researching for Your Annotated Bibliography and Documented Essay

Greetings Students!

This guide was created to help orient you to the library and its resources, as well as to rules for citing sources for your ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY and Essay assignment. 

You have selected a topic from the list provided by your teacher. In the library session, we will discuss: 

  1. Where to look for information on this topic and your particular RESEARCH QUESTION;
  2. Deciding on key words or terms to use in search engines on the web or in library databases; 
  3. How to determine whether information is from a reliable, professional source; 
  4. How to properly use sources in your annotations and essays so as not to risk plagiarizing; and 
  5. How to use EasyBib Pro to set up your ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY and WORKS CITED pages. 

I am embedded in your Blackboard shell and you are welcome to contact me for further help at any time for this or other course assignments. 

Good Luck! 

Questions to Keep in Mind

TOPIC: Language Education in Schools

QUESTION #1  What are the conversations?


QUESTION #2  Who is invested in these topics and why?


QUESTION #3   Who is writing, speaking & publishing about these topics?


Find a "Jumping Off Point" in a: 

Documentary; reference article or a solid magazine article like this one.  




Talhouk, Suzanne. "Don't Kill Your Language." TEDxBeirut. TED Conferences, Dec. 2012. Web. 22 Feb. 2016. 

InRealLifeFilms On Demand. Films Media Group, 2013. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.<P>

Link to Database

Death Sentence: The Story of Capital PunishmentFilms On Demand. Films Media Group, 2010. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

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