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PSYCH 101 - General Psychology - Baart: Part 1: Conduct an Author Search

This guide will help students in Prof. Baarts General Psychology class with their library research assignment.

Part 1: Author Search

Part 1: Author Search

Use PsycArticles to find an article published within the past 10 years by someone who has the same last name as you, or if possible the same first and last name (if not find an article by an author whose name is alphabetically close to yours). 

Cite your article in APA format and summarize it in one or two sentences. For Part 1 you do not need the full article, the abstract will have enough information to write a brief summary.


Set Your Limiters

  • Click on the link to PsycARTICLES above. If you are off campus, log in with your MyWCC userID and password.)
  • In the top search box enter the author name to search in the following format: lastname, firstname
  • In the dropdown next to the search box change Select a Field to Author.
  • Under Limit Your Results enter the date limiters 2010 - 2020 in the boxes under Year of Publication
  • Under Limit Your Results check the Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals box.
  • Click Search to see your results.
  • If you have no results, change the name you are searching (limit to last name only or try a different name) and try again.

View Your Results

PsycARTICLES will display your results in a list with newer articles toward the top.

  • Browse through the article titles (in blue) to find something that sounds interesting. Below the article title are the citation information and subject terms.

View the Citation and Abstract

Click on a title to get the abstract and citation information:

  • The Article Title is at the top of the result.
  • The Authors and their affiliations are listed below
  • The Source is the Journal Title, followed by the volume and issue of the journal that the article appeared in, the date of the issue and the page numbers.
  • The Abstract is a summary of what the article is about.

Cite Your Source in APA Format

  • To get an APA formatted citation, click on the CITE button in the Tools bar and browse to APA.


Conduct an Author Search in PsycARTICLES

Set Your Limiters:

View Your Results

View the Abstract and Citation


Cite your Article in APA format


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