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Prof. Weinstock - English 101 - The Changing American Family: Refine Your Topic

Refine Your Topic

 Since many of your topics may be too large to research for this assignment, think about small aspects of your topic. 

  • For example, if you select the changing structure of the American family, you might narrow your topic to marriages or divorces. 
  • If you select the changing composition of the American family, you might narrow down your topic to biracial, immigrant or single parent families.

 Write down the words, phrases and synonyms that describe your smaller topic.  You will use these words, phrases and synonyms to search for reliable and relevant sources, such as a book or magazine article that support your narrowed topic.


Consider these Search Terms

dual-career families

 two-income families

 alternative families

extended families

working mothers and child care

 child-rearing practices



living together 

single-parent families

 family policies

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