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PSYCH 101 - General Psychology - Palmieri: Your Assignment

This guide will help Professor Palmieri's students locate and evaluate authoritative resources for their term paper projects.

You may not be majoring in Psychology, but whatever discipline you go into you will be dealing with people. Think about how you can relate your major to a psychological topic if you are not sure what to write about: Nursing: the Placebo effect; Marketing: Advertising and Persuasion; Education: Memory and Learning; Performing Arts: Music Therapy + Neurological Disorders. 

Your Assignment

Select one topic in psychology and write a research paper reviewing the current research integrating the following items:

  • 4 pages (not including References page)
  • Utilize at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles annotated in APA style.

You can include non-scholarly sources, such as magazine, newspaper and web sources IN ADDITION to the three scholarly sources. You still need to use 3 scholarly journal articles in your paper.

  • Compare and contrast the findings in the research studies from your article.
  • Give a 5-minute presentation to the class on your findings.


See the Finding Articles page for information about what a peer reviewed journal article is and how to find them.


You can get help with your research project from a librarian either by going to the library in person or emailing the librarian who taught your research session (see under Help tab).


For additional information on your assignment and due dates ask Professor Palmieri.

Looking for a Topic?

The resources below can help you get ideas for a paper topic. You can browse around or search to get ideas. These items are dictionaries and encyclopedias and are not professional sources. If you are off-campus you will need to log in with your MyWCC user ID and password.

Choose your Topic

It is easier to prepare a presentation if you choose a topic that is not too broad or too narrow. You may start with a general idea (e.g. sleep), but will need to narrow down your topic to a manageable size. Think of ways to break down your topic into smaller pieces and choose one of those to write about.

You may want to focus on a specific population (e.g. children; college students; visually impaired; hoarders; etc).  Try to pose a question that you will answer in your paper. The important thing is to find a topic that interests YOU.

Broad topic: Memory

     + Subtopic: Conformity

    =  Paper Topic:

     How do memories become conformed to the memories of others?  (still a bit broad)

         +  Subtopic: Law Enforcement

   = Paper Topic:

               How can law enforcement counteract memory conformity of witnesses? (better topic)

Broad topic: Sleep

     + Subtopic: Health

    =  Paper Topic:

     How does sleep affect ones health?  (still broad)

         +  Subtopic: Shift Work

           = Paper Topic:

       How is the health of shift workers affected by sleep disruptions? (better topic)


Broad Topic : Stress

+ Subtopic: Animal Assisted Therapy

= Paper Topic:

How can animal assisted therapy programs reduce stress? (still broad)

+ Subtopic : College Students

= Paper Topic:

Are animal assisted therapy programs an effective way to help college students reduce stress? (better)

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