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MGT 101 - Business Organization and Management - Prof. Conte: Company Websites/Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Annual reports feature the CEO's Letter to the Shareholders, and include financial highlights, management biographies, product profiles, information on corporate philanthrophy and community programs, and career opportunities. 

Annual reports often look like marketing brochures with many graphs, charts and photos.

Check the INVESTOR RELATIONS pages of the company's website for the annual report.


Online Resources-Annual Reports

Many sources are available on the web for free annual reports. Some of the popular sites:

Company Websites

Company websites provide detailed information about their products and services, organizational structure, and strategies. Public company websites typically have a section for investors that may include press releases, articles about the company, SEC filings and annual reports to shareholders, stock information, pointers to investment reports done by securities firms, quarterly conference call audio files, and the text of speeches by executives. This type of information is often in sections called something like "Investor Relations" or "About Us."

Company web site addresses (URLs) can sometimes be guessed by inserting the company name or an abbreviation for the company name into this structure: For example, Sprint's address is and United Parcel Service of America's address is

Company directories usually include the corporate URL.

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