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Prof. Elias; Eng. 101 - FALL 2023 : In-text Citations

The Path of a Citation

The purpose of the in-text citation is to direct the reader to the full citation on your Works Cited page by creating a path from:

  • The original source to
  • Your text using in-text citations to
  • Your Works Cited page‚Äč

Citation Help

What is an In-Text Citation?

In-text citations are brief references within the body of your paper that direct the reader to the entries on the works cited page. 


In-text citation 

(Escudero and Pallares 427)


In-text citation within the body of your paper 

“This had led to them at times being characterized as overly complicit with main-stream arguments for immigrant inclusion and membership in the US state” (Escudero and Pallares 427).


Full citation (Works Cited page)

Escudero, Kevin, and Amalia Pallares. “Civil Disobedience as Strategic Resistance in the US Immigrant Rights Movement.” Antipode, vol. 53, no. 2, Mar. 2021, pp. 422–44. EBSCOhost,


Format for citing a journal article from a library database:

Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Journal Title, volume, number, publication
date, pages. Database, DOI or URL.

NOTE:  Every source you use MUST have both an in-text citation within the body of your paper and a full citation on your works cited page.

In-text citations for number of authors

  • One author (Wong 58)
  • Two authors (Lopez and Pabla 175)
  • Three or more authors (Friel et al. 621)

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