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COMM 103 - Journalism and Democracy - Prof. Passariello: Your Assignment

This guide is designed to help you get started in researching Project Censored topics and articles.

Creating Your Blog Project

Journalism & Democracy
Westchester Community College
Professor Carol Passariello

Creating your Blog Projects

Follow my instructions in lab or, if you are absent, follow the instructions in the video and getting started documents posted in the Blackboard shell.

Use your MYWCC id to create your blog url address.

Name your blog: Journalism & Democracy Spring 2017 followed by your name using one of these three sample formats:

1. Journalism & Democracy Spring 2017  by Jane Smith

2. Journalism & Democracy Spring 2017 by Jane S

3. Journalism & Democracy Spring 2017 by J Smith

This blog should be used solely for postings related to Journalism & Democracy using the Top 25 list from Project Censored

Select an under-reported or unreported news story from the Top 25 list on Project Censored and become an expert on the story, not only by reading the Project Censored article, but by finding other independent news stories about the topic. Then, write a short summary of the story, concluding with some thoughts about why that particular story might be on the “censored” list.

Tell your readers why you chose to focus on the topic you chose and how this topic is related to the need for journalism in a democratic society. Gather as many resources as you can on the topic to post on your blog including related graphics, illustrations, pictures, cartoons, discussion groups, listservs, blogs, related book titles, films, videos, magazine articles, historical artifacts, newspaper articles, podcasts, video-casts, social network sites, or any other form of media you can find that will help your readers learn as much as possible about your chosen topic of focus.

Give credit where credit is due. Attribution is absolutely required, so be certain to properly cite any material you use that is not your own, even if it comes from the Creative Commons. Blog projects containing material without proper attribution are not acceptable.

You have until the last week of class to refine your blog projects for a final grade. I will use the rubric printed on the back of these instructions to evaluate your blog project.

Blog Project  Rubric

A Exceptional

The blog post is focused and coherently integrates examples with explanations or analysis. The post demonstrates awareness of its own limitations or implications, and it considers multiple perspectives when appropriate. The entry reflects in-depth engagement with the topic.

Concise and conversational with a c clear and specific focus

Shares thoughts, ideas, and opinions along with facts to support the premise or blog-lead

Opening grabs the reader's attention while introducing the point of the post with a question, point-of-fact, or specific point-of-view that attracts the readers' attention

Specific details, info-graphics, links, and images support the blog-lead and supporting details

Demonstrates detailed understanding of the blog topic

Tone and authority-of-voice engages the reader illustrating the importance of the under-reported or unreported news

Offers variety of visuals, audio, and links that support post with proper attribution and citation

Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization reflect careful revision and copyediting

B Satisfactory

The blog post is reasonably focused, and explanations or analysis are mostly based on examples or other evidence. Fewer connections are made between ideas, and though new insights are offered, they are not fully developed. The post reflects moderate engagement with he topic.

C Underdeveloped

The blog post is mostly description or summary, without consideration of alternative perspectives, and few connections are made between ideas. The post reflects passing engagement with the topic.

D Limited

The blog post is unfocused, or simply rehashes previous comments, and displays no evidence of engagement with the topic with limited details reflecting limited understanding of the topic.

Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors are frequent to the extent that the reader is distracted and/or that revision and copyediting were minimal

F No Credit

The blog post is not completed by deadline or shows no student engagement with the topic and/or contains material improperly documented, cited or attributed




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Beth Seelick
This research guide was created by Professor Beth Seelick (1955-2019).
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