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Across that Bridge by John Lewis: E-Book Help

E-book Codes

Please see the Get your book tab for instructions on how to redeem your code. 


Note: Your view may vary depending on your device and browser. See also the GLOSE website for additional help and or download the apps for your device.

Log into your GLOSE account.

Use your touchscreen, trackpad or mouse to scroll through the book.

There is a TOOLBAR on the left side of the screen in the web version and at the top of the screen if you are accessing the book via the app. 


App version: If you do not see the toolbar, tap the page of your device to show it.

Under the Navigation tab you can view the Table of Contents, Bookmarks and Notes


Click the Bookmark flag to set a bookmark and save your place.

*also note page numbers in the margins, if you would like to cite a portion of this book in a paper.


You can view your Bookmarks by going back to the Navigation tab and clicking on Bookmarks.

Click on the Heading of the bookmark to return to that spot in the book.


Once open, you will be able to continue reading your current book offline, although annotation and bookmarking functions will not be available.

Set-up and Accessibility Options

Use the Reader Settings options to adjust the text size, font and background color. There is a dyslexia option which some users may find easier to read.

Click on Back to Default Settings to return to factory mode.


The Glose app includes a text-to-speech function. Click on the ... button at the bottom corner of your screen > Enable-text-to-speech. The audio will begin on the current page. Click again to disable text-to-speech. This feature is only available via the app. (Download the app for your device).

Search within Text

Use the Search function to find specific people, events or places mentioned in the text. Click on a link to go straight to that section of the book.

Cite this Book

MLA format

Lewis, John. Across that Bridge: A vision for change and the future for of America. Hachette Books, 2012. Glose, Accessed day month year.

APA format

Lewis, John. (2012). Across that Bridge: A vision for change and the future for of America. Hachette Books. 

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