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Mrs. Mueller - ENG 102 - Shakespeare's Sonnets - Spring 2022: Home

Research Based Literary Analysis

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

                Write a 3-4 page literary analysis of one sonnet. Be sure you articulate an insightful and persuasive claim about the work. Your original analysis must be supported by evidence from primary and secondary sources. Be sure to use proper MLA citation for all sources. The structure should be developed to maintain your argument in an organized fashion.  A clear thesis should be stated at the end of your introduction, and all paragraphs should begin with topic sentences clearly expressing the main idea of the paragraph while directly connecting back to your thesis statement. Identifying relevant literary terms, explaining their purpose, and connecting them back to your claim is essential to your analysis.

You must use two sources from Westchester Community College’s database. One other source may be used if it comes from a reliable educational source (.edu). A total of at least 3 sources must be used. Therefore, you must include a works cited page. (After your works cited page, attach a copy of your sonnet.)

When using the database, use the dropdown menu to find the following databases:

  • Literature Resource Center
  • LitFinder
  • MLA International Bibliography with Full Text

Additionally, the online library offers support from an actual librarian. Feel free to ask them questions when you have difficulty.

See hand out from WCC for proper documentation of lines of poetry.

Essay must be submitted to both Turn It In and Blackboard. Late work will lose 10 points per day.

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