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Conducting EMS Research

There are several types of information available to Emergency Medical Services students through the WCC libraries, both in print form and electronically.

The tabs along the top of the page provide details on the different types of information available.


You will be required to find out what is cutting edge and new in EMS. You will do this by reviewing current research articles. You may look for clinical research or administrative research. In other words some research deals with medical procedures and treatments and other research projects may deal with EMS Systems and a better way to deliver the care.

So, find a topic that interests you and then look for research regarding to the same topic. You should use Prehospital Emergency Care as one journal; then find similar research utilizing an appropriate data base. The Research Guide may be particularly helpful.

You will then be given a schedule where your literature review findings are presented to the class. You will discuss two research studies by presenting the abstract, methods, findings, and conclusions of the studies you find.

Over the course of the semester, you will complete this assignment five (5) times.  You will be graded on each presentation.  As a course final project, you will summarize in a thoughtful paper what you learned from your research.  You will be required to POSTER-BOARD one of your studies for the final project.

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Subject Guide

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