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Prof. Mathews Eng.101 Annotated Bibliography: MLA Practice Template

MLA Practice Template

For a work containing another work - such as an article published in a journal and contained in a database - repeat the process by filling out the template again from the Title of Container to Location (#3 through #9).

Two containers: Journal article found in a library database

Journal of Mental Health is the 1st container

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collections is the 2nd container


Binfet, John-Tyler. “Reducing University Students’ Stress through a Drop-in

        Canine-Therapy Program.” Journal of Mental Health, vol. 27, no. 3, June 2018,

        pp. 197–204. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collections,



In-text citation (Binfet 199)

MLA (Modern Language Association). “Interactive Practice Template.” Modern Language Association of America, 2022,

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