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Prof. Rubenstein - Eng. 102 - SPRING 2023; Fairy Tales: Home


Welcome! This research guide was created for students in Dr. Rubenstein's English 102 class. This guide is a customized resource for this assignment.

 You are to write a persuasive research essay on the topic "Are Fairy Tales Good or Bad for Young Children?" It will reflect your understanding of the genre of fairytales, as part of the larger genre of the “narrative,” and how to research and write about literature.

Your paper requires you to locate 5 scholarly, authoritative sources and integrate them into the text of your paper. In addition to scholarly sources, you will need to include literary sources. 


A literary source is a piece (or pieces) of literature, such as:

  • a fairy tale or collection of fairy tales;
  • a poem or book of poetry;
  • a short story or a collection of short stories;
  • a book where the contents are pieces of literature as in an anthology;
  • a play or a collection of plays

scholarly source contains commentary and analysis ABOUT a piece of literature.

Citing your sources correctly is an important component of any research assignment. Your essay should include parenthetical (in-text) citations and a Works Cited page using MLA 9 style formatting.

If you have any questions about research and citations, please feel free to contact me at

For real-time assistance, use the live IM Chat box from the library homepage.

What's in This Guide

The resources on these pages will help you:

  • Formulate a search strategy on your topic
  • Find scholarly articles in the library databases
  • Find literary sources for discussion
  • Find e-Books in the library catalog
  • Evaluate the sources you have found
  • Cite your sources properly to avoid plagiarism
  • Get additional help

Arabian Nights

Dulac, Edmund. “Illustration from ‘Stories from the Arabian nights’ by Laurence Housman (1865-1959) showing Princess Scheherazade, a legendary Persian queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.” Turnbull Rare Books,  1907, 1903469064/scheharazade-the-heroine-of-the-thousand-and-one. Accessed 26 August 2020.

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