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STEM Summer 2022: Soil: Citing Images

STEM Summer 2022: Soil

Types of Digital Images

  • [Photograph]
  • [Illustration]
  • [Chart]
  • [Diagram]
  • [Graph] 
  • [Map]

Example: Figure from an Article

When citing images or other graphics from articles and books use the label in the in-text citation.

In-text citation for the image:  (Lamichhane, 2018, Figure 1).

Parenthetical citation:  (Lamichhane et al., 2018)

Narrative citation:  Lamichhane et al. (2018)



Lamichhane, J. R., Debaeke, P., Steinberg, C., You, M. P., Barbetti, M. J., & Aubertot, J. N. (2018). Abiotic and biotic factors affecting crop seed germination and seedling emergence: a conceptual framework. Plant & Soil, 432(1/2), 1-28.


Photographs from the Web

Richardson, J. (2014, December 6). The dirt on dirt: 5 things you should know about soil [Photograph]. National Geographic.


Getty Images. (2022). Why soil is a surprisingly noisy place [Photograph]. BBC.




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