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READ 93 - Foundations of College Reading - Library Research Project: Step 5: Writing Answers to the Assignment Outline

Writing Answers to the Assignment Outline

Directions:  Preview both articles.  Then carefully read, highlight and annotate both articles before beginning this assignment. 

Core Comprehension Skills

  1. Choose a total of three (3) paragraphs that contain a topic, main idea, and three (3) supporting details from either article.  If you have difficulty finding paragraphs that contain three (3) supporting details consult with your professor.
  2. Bracket and number these paragraphs in the articles.  Include your articles with your final project.
  3. Identify the topic, main idea, and three major supporting details of each of these paragraphs. You may either use a linear method or a graphic organizer to do this. 

Vocabulary Development

  1. Choose five (5) challenging words from the article.
  2. Quote each sentence from the article that contains the chosen word using proper MLA in-line (in-text) citation format.  Highlight the word that you will be defining. 
  3. Provide the meaning of the word by using either context clues, word-structure clues, or dictionary skills. Indicate which methods you used to define the words.
  4. Create an original sentence that uses the word and reflects the meaning of the word.


     Choose one of the two articles that you have researched.  Write an outline of no more than one page of the article that includes the topic, thesis, and major details that you will include in your summary


Use the outline to write one well-written summary paragraph about this article.

Responding to the Topic

        Develop a clear, specific thesis statement that answers the research question that you have chosen.  Then, write one well-developed paragraph in which you support your thesis statement with explanations and evidence that you have learned from your articles.  Your paragraph should contain three supporting details.  Be careful to paraphrase the details in your own words.

Works Cited Page

        The last page of your project should contain a list of works cited for the two articles you have read.  Obtain a Citation Format Guide from the library webpage.  Follow the format used for citing electronic sources from the MLA Citation Format Guide.

Attach both articles to your outline.

Post your article in Brightspace

Your professor may ask you to post the articles you found in a discussion board. Follow the steps below to get a stable URL that your professor and classmates will be able to open. You should submit the articles in whatever way your professor asks you to.


When you have the article open, look in the TOOLS column on the right hand side (you may need to open it using the >> button


Click on the PERMALINK button.


Copy and paste the link in the Permalink into your BB discussion board or other document.




Copy the PERMALINK to the clipboard (CTRL + C or Command + V) 

Open a new Word or Google Doc document

Paste the URL onto the Document (CTRL + V or Command +V) > hit the RETURN to make the hyperlink active (it will be blue and not black).


Save the Document somewhere on your computer

Go to the ASSIGNMENTS tab in Brightspace> Attach Files > Browse My Computer

Find the article on your computer > Open

Ensure it is the correct article > Submit


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