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Dr. Ramsay - Spring 2024


❸Assignment 3: Describing a Larger Conversation (4 pages)

Pick an issue affecting your future career field, your major field, or your community. Write a paper that explains various perspectives on this issue, addressing at least three different sources (published texts, interviews, etc.) and no more than five sources. Rather than presenting the issue as having two sides (those for or against something), explain more than two points of view, showing the complexity of the issue. At some point in the paper, take your own stand, but the majority of the paper should explain the larger conversation surrounding the issue.

Selecting your topic

Selecting a topic can be a challenging task, here are some tips:

  • Interest: Choose a topic that genuinely interests you, as your enthusiasm will drive your research efforts.
  • Relevance: Consider choosing a topic that is current and provides valuable, up-to-date information.
  • Broad vs. Narrow: Consider exploring specific angles within broad topics or examining how narrow topics relate to broader contexts.
  • Early Exploration: Begin your research early by consulting with your friendly neighborhood librarian 

And remember to include your thesis statement!

Your thesis statement is the main point and central idea of an essay or research paper. It's typically a single sentence that sums up the purpose and main argument of your writing. It is the most important part of an academic paper. A thesis statement defines the paper's goals, direction, and scope. It is supported by evidence.

Picking a Topic is Research

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