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Prof. Baskerville - SOC101 Introduction to Sociology- Annotated Bibliography: Your Assignment

Partial Annotated Bibliography

Complete project instructions are available in your course shell in BrightSpace

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to conduct bibliographic research, properly cite source materials you draw for your research, and summarize any materials that you draw on in your written work.

Part I. Please conduct a literature review and prepare a list of 20 sources that you can draw on in your research essay.

  • 3 articles on a topic of your choice from a peer-reviewed academic journal
  • 2 books on the topic of your choice published by a university press
  • 2 reputable feature-length documentaries about the topic
  • 2 short segments about the topic from reputable radio or television broadcast program or reputable podcasts.
  • 7 newspaper articles on the topic of your choice from reputable national daily or international newspapers
  • 2 articles on a topic of your choice from reputable magazines
  • 2 articles/reports on a topic of your choice from a non-profit, think tank or government organization.


Part II. From the list sources identified above, prepare one annotated citation for each of the following types of source material.

  • One article from a peer-reviewed academic journal.
  • One reputable feature-length documentary.
  • One article from a reputable magazine.

Use the library databases (see the Finding Articles tab) or one of the recommended online sources (see the Online Resources tab) to research your topic.

You can find information about MLA format under the Citing and Plagiarism tab on this guide.

To get help with research on your country from a librarian either in person, by phone, email, text, or chat. Look under the Get Help tab to see how to contact the librarian who taught your library session and get information on library hours.

If you need additional information on your assignment and specific due dates, check BrightSpace first, THEN ask your professor.

Video Sources

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are usually associated with universities, non-profit organizations, foundations and other organizations. They conduct research for themselves, on behalf of other organizations and for governments, and make suggestions and recommendations on public policy. They can often be bipartisan but not always. You may have heard of the Pew Research Center, the Brookings Institute or the RAND Corporation. Think tanks are usually non-profit.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are entities that provide services that benefit the public but do not aim to make a profit like a business.  Organizations like Childrens Defense Fund, Habitat for Humanity and the American Civil Liberties Union are examples of non-profits, along with schools, labor unions and religious organizations.

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