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HSERV 264 - Case Management : Prof Spencer: 1: Maternal Mortality Assignment

This guide will help students in Prof. Spencers Case Management class with the Maternal Mortality Assignment and Portfolio Project

Your Assignment

Maternal Mortality – Black American Mothers

This assignment will highlight conscious and unconscious bias among health care providers which impact low income and communities of color. Additionally, how these inequities negatively influence families when accessing case management. 

First please: 

1. Read journal articles; Hoffman (2016), Racial bias in pain assessment and treatment recommendations and false belief about biological differences between blacks and whites and Petersen et al. (2019), which highlights quantitative pregnancy disparities and Quinn, racial and ethnic disparities. 

2. Listen to podcast NPR, Maternal Mortality (12 minutes). 

3. Review the CDC Mortality report for a frame of reference (Petersen, 2019).

Please write an essay which includes the following questions, use APA format when citing resources. Minimum/Maximum 4-5 pages (not including title page or reference page). 

Questions in an essay format: 

1. As social workers, we are encouraged to promote the “personal agency” of the client. Using an ecological theory lens or systems theory lens, how does structural racism within systems (i.e., hospitals and clinics) create and reproduce power differentials, discourage cultural respect within the community, and disempower mothers from advocating for themselves? How do case mangers play a role? How does insurance or poverty play a role? 

2. How does the federal law enacted in 2018, Preventing Maternal Deaths Act, require institutions to use “evidence based practice” treatments when addressing this population? 

3. Name at least 3 strategies or “your call to action” as a social worker if this was happening in your health clinic or in your community hospital.


The paper should include in-text citations and a bibliography according to APA format.


You can get help with your research project from a librarian either by going to the library in person or emailing the librarian who taught your research session (see under Help tab).


For additional information on your assignment and due dates ask Professor Spencer

On Reserve

APA 7th ed. citation for the edition on Reserve: 

References page:

Summers, N. (2016). Fundamentals of case management practice: Skills for the human services (5th ed.). Cengage.

If using another edition, update the year and edition number in the citation above. 


In-Text citations:

Paraphrase: (Summers, 2016)

Narrative: Summers (2016)...

Direct Quote example: (Summers, 2016, p. 134) *(use page number for direct quotes)

Maternal Mortality podcast (NPR)

References Citation:

Martin, N. & Montagne, R. (Hosts). (2017, December 7). Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth. Shalon Irving's Story Explains Why. [Audio Podcast Episode]. In All Things Considered. NPR WNYC.

In-text citation:

Paraphrase: (Martin & Montagne, 2017)

Narrative: Martin and Montagne (2017)...

Direct Quote example: (Martin & Montagne, 2017, 4:15) *use timestamp for quoted audio.

Preventing Maternal Deaths Act, 2018

APA 7th ed. citation:


Preventing Maternal Deaths Act of 2018, 42 U.S.C. 247b-12 (2018).

In text citation: (Preventing Maternal Deaths Act, 2018)

Preventing Maternal Deaths Act APA citation

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