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Constitution Day Guide - Prof. Simmons Jr.


(November 15, 1777) Articles of Confederation: the United States' first constitution 

(September 17, 1787) The Constitution of the United States: established America's first national government and fundamental laws

(1787-1788) Federalist Papers: a collection of essays promoting the ratification of the US constitution, written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay

(December 15, 1791) Bill of Rights: issues the first Amendments of the US constitution 

(January 31, 186513th Amendment: abolished slavery

(July 9, 186814th Amendment: granted citizenship to all citizens born or naturalized in the US

(February 3, 1870) 15th Amendment: granted Black American men the right to vote

(August 18, 1920) 19th Amendment: granted women the right to vote

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