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Prof. Centrone - Fall '23

Why we cite our information

We cite information in a research paper for several reasons. First, it gives credit to the original authors and acknowledges their intellectual work; fostering academic integrity and ethical research practices. Second, citations provide a clear trail for readers to verify and access sources, delivering credibility and reliability of your research. Third, proper citation helps you avoid plagiarism, a serious academic offense. Lastly, it allows future researchers to build upon your work and trace the development of ideas, contributing to the ongoing scholarly conversation within your field.

MLA 9 Works Cited

Building your MLA 9 Works Cited page is critical because it provides a structured and standardized way to give credit to the sources you used in your research. It not only demonstrates your academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism, but also allows the reader (your professor) access and verify the information you've referenced. Properly formatting your Works Cited page ensures your paper adheres to MLA 9 guidelines, enhancing the professionalism and credibility of your work while helping you organize and keep track of your sources.

MLA 9 In-text citation

Using MLA 9 in-text citations is important because it allows you to properly integrate ideas, information, and quotes to your paper. Citing your information demonstrates your respect for intellectual property and academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism. In-text citations also provide readers with the necessary information to locate the full source in your Works Cited page, facilitating credibility and transparency in your research by showing the basis for your arguments and claims. It aligns your writing with academic standards and ensures that your sources are appropriately integrated into your text for clarity and authority.

Resources for citation

MLA 9 Works Cited guide

MLA 9 in-text citation guide

For more MLA 9 resources, access our library Citation Help page 

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