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EDU 202 Precticum/Field Study Berman: Home

Your Assignment


For this paper, you will take an in-depth look at a topic in education that is interesting or significant to you.  Keeping your own pedagogical values at the center, you will look closely at this aspect of teaching and learning.  Your paper should bring together your experiences in this course and field placement, but it may also draw together themes from your other education coursework.


Part One (10 points)

·       In the first part of your paper, describe your own values as an educator and how they connect with your chosen topic.  Then describe the topic, incorporating ideas from your research.  You may draw from course readings (including readings from your other education courses at the college) as well as independent research from scholarly journals.  Your research on your topic should address important ideas about teaching, learning, the classroom and the role of school in children’s lives.  You must cite and reference at least four sources using MLA format. 


Part Two (5 points)

·       In the second part of your paper, describe how your research connects with what you have experienced in your field placement this semester.  How do you see the topic you have researched at work in the classroom?  What connections do you see between theory and practice?  What were some of the challenges of the remote format?  What did you see as successes?  Did anything surprise you about working virtually with children? 

Part Three (5 points)

·       In addition to writing your paper, you will also prepare a five-minute PowerPoint presentation to share with the class.


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