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2024 Solar Eclipse: Eclipse 2024


Eclipse Encounter 2024

Eclipse Encounter 2024

When: April 8, 2024 

Start Time: 2:30 PM EDT 

End Time: 3:30 PM EDT 



  • SUNY Westchester Valhalla:  Classroom Building, Room 200, Livestream lecture at 2:30pm & the Great Lawn for viewing

  • SUNY Westchester Mount Vernon: Student Center, Room 119 – Livestream Lecture at 2:30pm 

  • SUNY Westchester Ossining: Details to come

  • SUNY Westchester Peekskill: Eclipse viewing beings at 2:11pm; Livestream in Lecture Hall at 2:30pm

  • SUNY Westchester Yonkers: Event Room, Room 313, Livestream lecture at 2:30pm & Outside Main Entrance for viewing 

Events on Campus

This event promises an educational and exhilarating experience for all. Professor Laurel Robinson from our Science department will enlighten us with a short lecture streamed live to all locations, offering expert insights into the eclipse, its history, and its significance. To ensure everyone can safely enjoy this spectacle, we will provide SUNY Westchester branded eclipse-viewing sunglasses at each location


The SUNY WCC radio station WARY 88.1FM will be playing music live on the Great Lawn at SUNY Westchester Valhalla, adding to the festive atmosphere. The Harold L. Drimmer Library has also curated a special digital information collection on solar eclipses, accessible online at or in person for those wishing to deepen their understanding of this celestial event. 


Why Attend?  

The Great North American Eclipse offers a rare opportunity to engage directly with an astronomical event of this scale. Although SUNY Westchester Community College is just south of the path of totality, our campus will witness a dramatic partial eclipse, offering a unique educational and communal experience. This is not only a chance to witness the partial darkening of the sun by the moon but also a moment to come together as a community and share in the wonder of our universe. 


We encourage all students, faculty, staff, and community members to join us for Eclipse Encounter 2024. Whether you are a seasoned astronomer or simply curious about the stars, this event is for you. 

Livestream with Prof. Lauren Robinson

Eyes on the Solar System (NASA)

An interactive real-time map of the solar system and various spacecraft, comets, asteroids and other space missions. Click the map below to see the 2024 solar eclipse from various positions.

Eyes on the Solar System 2024 Elipse

Illustration of an eclipse from a medieval manuscript, c1325.

Early 14th c. depiction of an eclipse. Cambridge, University Library MS Gg.1.1, fol. 378v

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